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[!L2iN] L2 Top Server Freya - High Five- LiNeage2 Server PVP OFFicial platfrom

LiNeage II

Hello and Welcome to L2iN!
The iNnovating L2 H5 Server.

L2iN is the newest addition to the ever expanding list of private L2 servers. Plenty of servers are launching as we speak, so why should you choose L2iN?

We consider ourselves as a server that tries to cater to the needs of the community. We hope to interact with the player community of our server, and improve our server through player suggestions as well as our own observations.

L2iN offers to you, that is RPG fans, the Lineage II High Five chronicle server, totally free. We assure to you that our purpose is neither a competition with others servers in the same category not with official server. Our purpose is to show you a little from this fantasy world.

Come and enjoy this wonderful world with many battles against creatures, fighting for protect one of many Castles from Lineage World. You can do your own Clan, be a leader, be a King in your own Castle, riding a flying Dragon and many more...

Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lagless, enjoyable as well as close-to-retail yet spiced Lineage II experience. The key to our success is first of all our seriosity, our constant updates, great support, as well as awesome and non-seen anywhere else features.


1. The best High Five files around.
2. Commercial Geodata
3. Very Powerfull server
4. Top Premium Network

How to start playing?

1. Download the Lineage II: High Five client - L2 H5 client - if you don't have it already

2. Download L2iN Patch - L2iN Patch
Copy the L2Patch inside the main Lineage II folder (ex C:\\Program Files (x86)\Lineage II), run L2Updater and when the update process is complete clik on START button.

3. Log in game (Accounts Are Autocreated)- About Registration


+ Server Opening Day!

Dear players, for nearly two years we have gathered the necessary information about the preferences players what the optimal settings for the game server.
Now we would like to invite you to play on this New Server, which will start soon.
Any information about your settings will be available on our website

Join us for a refreshing experience in the world of Lineage II!

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